Best Painting Tips

Do you have a space in your home that needs painting but have put it off not knowing where to start? Like any undertaking, no one can be an expert out of the gate, but with a little coaching and a lot of patience, you can certainly mater the techniques needed to paint a space in your home. Follow these recommendations from the painting professionals and you’ll be washing your brushes and admiring your work in no time.


In or to get fantastic result from your painting efforts, proper preparation is an absolute must. Start by emptying the room of all furnishings. Those pieces that are too large or cumbersome should be moved to the center of the room and draped with drop cloths or large sheets to protect from paint splatter. Remove the window treatments and window hardware and all of the artwork from the walls. Take the time to spackle all the nail holes and any damaged sheetrock. Let the spackle completely dry and sand thoroughly. It’s better to apply several coats of spackle and sand down than attempt to fill too deep of a crevice with one pass.

On a side note if the metal sheething is on the walls and its painted you can utilize a laser cutter to engrave the top layer revealing the substrate.  Check out 2017 reviews of BOSS LASER if you have long term projects with this in mind.   

With painting get prepared and have the right tools.  Invest in a roller and a trim brush for woodwork and cutting out along the walls and corners.  If it is not necessary to paint the woodwork and trim, apply painters tape in a straight line to cover all trim work, window sashes and door frames. Begin at the top of the room in a corner with an angled trim brush and slowly pull a bead of paint in a straight line along the ceiling or ceiling molding that has been taped. Complete this along one wall. Move to the bottom of the wall and run a line of paint with a bead from the brush along the taped baseboard. Finish the wall by using the roller in an x pattern until the entire wall has been covered. Repeat this process on each wall. After the first coast of paint has dried, return with the roller and add a second coat. Pull the taping as soon as the second coat has been applied before it sets to keep the tape from pulling the paint away from the wall.  Let the paint dry at least two days prior to returning any furnishings to the space.  If you’re looking for more Boss reviews see them here.