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Come By to Sell or Call Us Today
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Scrap is an internationally traded commodity much in demand as raw material for steel making. Different kinds of metal scrap require different processing due to size, thickness and composition of material.

North Kansas City Iron & Metal LLC offers a wide range of efficient solutions for the fragmentation, compaction and separation of virtually every type of scrap metal.

Industrial Services

Container service available for commercial and industrial customers


In business it’s not just the practicalities of waste disposal that are an issue, but the pressures of time and economics. North Kansas City Iron & Metal LLC strives to help its suppliers generate the maximum revenue possible from their ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. Services include factory clearance and the processing of demolition scrap.

Reusable Steel/Metal for sale
Call for pricing and availability

On-site Processing
North Kansas City Iron & Metal LLC can send a dedicated team of professionals to work alongside your business in partnership, evaluating your internal scrap levels.

Secure Destruction
North Kansas City Iron & Metal LLC has a long track record of destroying prototype, reject and safety-critical material for the private and the public sectors. Clients know they can count on North Kansas City Iron & Metal LLC’s integrity and reliability, backed up by the company’s secure network of processing sites.

Total Waste Management
As a business, you may feel overwhelmed by your waste disposal problems. North Kansas City Iron & Metal LLC offers a total waste management package enhanced by processing economies of scale and direct access to end-use markets, allowing its customers to concentrate on core activities knowing their waste problems are in the hands of professionals.